Kalanjiyam’s volunteer program, operational in Chennai and Chengalpattu districts of Tamil Nadu, embodies our organizational vision and mission, focusing on health, education and youth empowerment initiatives. The program is designed to ensure both volunteer and community satisfaction, bolstering Kalanjiyam’s visibility in the process.

Here’s how the program unfolds:  Strategic methods are employed to attract skilled volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Engaged volunteers undergo a sensitization process, familiarizing themselves with the organization, community needs, and necessary skills. Volunteers’ skills and passions are matched with organizational imperatives to ensure effective task assignment. Mentorship programs and regular check-ins address volunteers’ needs promptly, while a recognition framework fosters a sense of accomplishment. Continuous feedback collection and assessment refine and enhance the volunteer experience.

The program spans various educational, health, and skill development activities, empowering individuals and communities:

Education Activities: Engaging students across different levels:

  • Primary schools: Activities fostering creativity through storytelling, music, and arts.
  • Middle schools: Focusing on language development, public speaking, and science.
  • High schools: Life skills and personality development and social media literacy

Health Activities: Promoting health awareness and interventions such as:

  • Conducting sessions on nutrition, hygiene, and preventive care.
  • Supporting health promotion campaigns for maternal and child health
  • Assisting in health surveys to assess community needs.

Youth Skill Building:

  • Essential skills can be imparted to youth through different types of technical training, career awareness workshops, and entrepreneurship development.

Other Support Areas:

  • Contribute to community development efforts, including staff strengthening initiatives and hands-on projects assisting in community gardening, organic farming

Infrastructure and Facilities:

Kalanjiyam’s guest house, “Amaidhi Cholai,” meaning “A Peaceful Garden,” offers a serene escape in Kalpattu Village, Chengalpattu district. Surrounded by verdant landscapes, it provides a serene and safe haven for volunteers. The spacious living areas and rustic patio invite relaxation and reflection, and two bedrooms with attached bathrooms featuring western toilets can accommodate up to 8 individuals in dormitory-style with comfort and convenience.

The guest house is meticulously maintained to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, creating a safe and comfortable environment for volunteers. To further enhance the guest experience, Amaidhi Cholai is staffed with dedicated caretakers and maintenance personnel who attend to the needs of residents. Additionally, a skilled cook is on hand to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, catering to the dietary preferences and requirements of guests.

With its tranquil ambiance, hygienic facilities, and attentive service, Amaidhi Cholai provides the perfect backdrop for volunteers to unwind, recharge, and immerse themselves in the rewarding experience of community service.

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