Young People and Skill Development

Kalanjiyam conducts a number of activities for developing and nurturing young men and women in rural communities.  Programs are conducted on a routine basis at Kalanjiyam Community Training center that address various youth issues such as life skills development,  access to information and  resources and to provide a platform to discuss issues youth face in adolescence.

WHO defines life skills as ‘the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life’.  According to UNICEF, life skills based education is a behavior development or behavior change approach to bring about balance in three areas: knowledge, attitude and skills.
Vanavil is one such project to help increase self awareness and provide emotional support to young women in our adopted villages.

Read more about this project here:

Project Vanavil

Other programs that we conduct include:

  • Women’s legal rights
  • Vitamin A and its importance for women and children
  • Existing Social welfare programs for women
  • Women’s reproductive health

These programs are intended to help young people in our villages be better prepared to address and take appropriate actions for their self development as well as development of their as development of their communities in the long run.