S. Karthikeyan is a Down syndrome child in first standard. During the pre assessment phase he showed poor performance in his non-academic and academic level. He was not responding when his name was called, made noises in class and dependent on his mother for all activities of daily living (ADL) and had difficulty expressing his needs.

During classes the special educator engaged him with exercises and activities to improve his ability to manage his ADL. Eventually the parents were also trained to give practice in home. Sessions with the counsellor for the teacher and the parent developed the child ability slowly a step after another. He slowly improved and by class 3 his performances level showed dramatic improvement. 

He could independently take care of himself,  concentration improved, was responding to name call, engagement with teachers and academic level in reading, writing and identification improved significantly.

His parents shared ‘my son has started writing and understanding sentences. He is identifying and pronouncing names from TV advertisements. He is following my instructions correctly, and recently he brought egg when I gave him the task. He is able to ask for his needs. We did not expect such improvements which we are so happy witness. We also had language issues as we speak Sourashtra however with help of his special educator, he started speaking Tamil. My sincere thanks to Happy school Project and Kalanjiyam team’.

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