The approach to the villages served by the RICH clinic is slow due to poor roads or mud roads and travel time ranging from 30 minutes to one hour from Kalanjiyam field office. Many of the village have no public transportation or with irregular frequency.
As the RICH clinic arrives in a village, announcements are made informing about the camp in a centrally location in the village. As the crowds gather, tokens are handed out to anyone with an ailment, young, middle aged or old, men, women and school children. The nurse in the RICH van take time to talk to the villagers to understand their concerns, examine and provide them treatment and information.The outreach worker talks to the community members gathered around to understand their common health problems and challenges in accessing health care services currently.
Vakakku Vayaloor, a remotely located village in Lattur block has a population of about 600 persons. The closest government health center is about 12 kilometers and other private doctor is also about 12 km from the village. Public transportation is available once a day in the evenings. The RICH clinic has travelled to this village and the primary care provided was tremendously beneficial to the villagers.

Another remote village served by RICH is Thandarai panchayat village. To reach the nearest health center the community has to walk 5 kilometers to reach a bus stop and travel another 15 kilometers by bus. To go and return to the village they have to spend the full day, and therefore on such days they do not get their daily wage. In the event of emergencies the villagers have to take an autorickshaw to the town where they can get the bus; however this cost is not always affordable to all. The senior citizens express that ‘old people in our village are just their problems and no one bothers to help them and they cannot usually travel alone that far.’
Thirumaal Nagar is a village with no transportation or access to a bus stop. Often the Ward Counsellor will call the Kalanjiyam team and request for the health camp to be conducted. Recently there were many affected by fever and diarrhea in the village and the RICH team provided checkup and treatment for 100+ villagers during the camp and averted severe or adverse health. More than 35 other remote villages are regularly served by the RICH clinic and help to address health problems within a reasonable time.

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